Title I Providers

We contract with WIA Title I providers to deliver services to jobseekers and employers. Our contractors are Southwest Training Services, Inc., serving Washington and Greene counties; and Job Training for Beaver County, Inc., serving Beaver County. These companies offer many services to residents of the Southwest Corner.

Youth Providers

Year-Round Youth Services are offered in the Southwest Corner. These services range from career guidance, internship opportunities, and employment services just to name a few.

Also, the Regional Career Education Partnership (RCEP) provides area youth with opportunities such as job shadowing and field trips to local businesses.

Employment, Advancement, and Retention Network (EARN)

The Washington Greene County Job Training Agency, Inc. operates three EARN program sites in Washington and Greene County. All EARN programs are located within PA CareerLink centers in Washington, Donora, and Waynesburg, PA.  Job Training for Beaver County, Inc. operates the EARN program for Beaver County within the PA CareerLink Beaver County.  All referrals to the EARN program are from the Department of Human Services (DHS).

The mission of the EARN program is to address the needs of welfare and low income individuals with serious barriers to gaining and maintaining employment by providing comprehensive case management, remediation, job readiness, short term training, work activities, job placement, and job retention services.

A Local Management Committee (LMC) jointly manages EARN at a local level.  The LMC is comprised of the local fiscal agent, PA CareerLink representatives, economic development, educational institutions, and the Department of Human Services.

Workforce Delivery System Activities

The following information includes quarterly descriptions of workforce activities, publications and announcements.

Quarterly Workforce Provider Activity Narratives & Reports

October 2014 PDF

April 2015 PDF

January 2015 PDF

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